About us

"R. Sadikova Sports School" was founded in August 2017 and also joined the Latvian Karate Federation (LKF).

"R. At the Sadikov Sports School" training is conducted by certified trainer Ruslan Sadikov (black belt, 4th Dan), who is also the director and founder of this sports school. Certificate No.: 357 "A" category, Dan Sadikov (black belt, 1st Dan), LSPA Karate trainer and Ruslan Pyatnichenko (black belt, 1st Dan) LSPA Judo and Karate trainer.

Ruslans Sadikovs was a trainer and athlete of the "Baltic Karate Club" for 7 years, where he helped to improve and learn the art of karate to many young people, who then successfully competed in competitions of various ranks (both local and international). After a successful cooperation with them, R. Sadikovs created a sports school, the philosophy of which is based on the coach’s extensive sports experience, professionalism, as well as the goal-orientedness and desire to positively influence the children’s future. One of the strongest characteristics of this school - it is work in two main directions. One of them is sports for all, which provides children with physical fitness, health, the ability to control and stand up for themselves. The second is sport for high achievements, or professional sport with participation in high-ranking competitions, such as the World and European Championships.